Lying Dead

The third novel in the DI Marjory Fleming series

On an eerily quiet May morning in a remote corner of Scotland, a woman is found bludgeoned to death, the silence of the scene broken only by the ringing of her mobile phone.
DI Fleming thrives on the adrenalin that comes with heading a major crime investigation.  With the discovery of not one, but two murders on her patch, she’s about to feel the pressure as never before.

The community of Drumbreck – a tranquil weekend playground for rich Glaswegians – is small and close-knit, but the veneer of contented prosperity conceals nasty secrets and daily betrayals.  In an atmosphere of distrust, DI Fleming must watch her own back as she searches for a link between these two most terrible of crimes.  Uncovering layer upon layer of intrigue and deceit, Fleming can only ask herself whether, in this society of liars, you can even trust the dead.

Lying Dead has appeared at no 3 in the Scottish bestsellers list

Hodder & Stroughton – 2007, ISBN 978-0-340-92227-9
CD and Cassette: Magna, ISBN 978-1-84652-242-0

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Second of  three tipped  cracking reads …. A first-class police procedural

Susie’s picks, Publishers’  Weekly, Quarterly Highlights


This is seriously good crime writing.

Publishing News


A welcome addition to the canon of Scottish crime fiction .. packed with red herrings and believable characters.

Press and Journal


Underscores Templeton’s challenge to Ian Rankin in Scottish thriller writing.

Peterborough Evening News


I loved every minute of Lying Dead and to top it off the answer to the whodunit is staggeringly well-concealed and yet obvious in retrospect, and one I certainly didn’t guess.

Karen Meek, Eurocrime

Lamb to the Slaughter

The fourth novel in the DI Marjory Fleming series

A sunny evening, a tranquil garden – and an old man brutally gunned down on his doorstep.

In the pretty and peaceful market town of Kirkluce a proposed superstore development has divided the population in an increasingly bitter war.  The low-level aggression of bored youth that is generally tolerated has become sinister. The bloodied corpse of a sheep abandoned in the streets is more than just unpleasant vandalism and teenage bikers, terrorising a woman to breaking point, are impossible to control.

When a second victim is killed in what seems a random shooting, the fear in the town becomes tangible.  DI Fleming will not accept that the crimes are motiveless, but she struggles to make sense of the two murders, when nothing makes sense any more and no on will believe anything.  Not even the truth.

Hodder & Stroughton – 2008, ISBN 978-0-340-92229-3
CD and cassette:  Magna – ISBN 978-1-84652-714-2

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A fascinating, humane and credible series… reading about them is a real pleasure.

Jessica Mann, Literary Review


The allegiances, rivalries and petty jealousies of small town life are carefully but convincingly explored….a dramatic climax.

Scotland on Sunday


Reading Templeton has become something of an addition.

Publishing News


This is a cracking story



Once the pages start to turn there’s no stopping them

Peterborough Evening Telegraph


Rich in characterisation and evocative detail, if you’ve yet to discover the outstanding Marjory Fleming series, here’s a great place to start.

Daily Record


This easy-paced whodnit…is a breath of fresh air… Templeton’s uncomplicated writing style helps to achieve what many others fail to – it makes an intricate plot easy to follow.

Coventry Telegraph

Dead in the Water

The fifth novel in the DI Marjory Fleming series

A young girl’s body was found washed up on the dramatic rocks beneath the Mull of Galloway lighthouse, but afrter twenty years her death is still a mystery.  DI Marjory Fleming is called in to reopen the case her late father, a policeman, was unable to solve.

At the same time, local resentment at the influx of Polish workmen and the arrival of a TV company filming an episode of a detective series bring about the discovery of a web of strange connections and old secrets, and more killings. As Fleming digs deeper it becomes clear that her father had tried to conceal some of the shameful details around the young girls death.  And Fleming struggles to cope with what the truth reveals, not only about her father but about herself.

Hodder & Stoughton 2009    ISBN 978 0 340 976944
Large print:  Thorpe – ISBN 978-1-44480-432-4
CD and cassette:  Magna – available soon

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(With) a scalpel-sharp plot, made more supenseful by the complexity of the personal connections, Templeton’s latest installment takes the indomitable Fleming from strength to strength.

Daily Record


This is a cracking story



This is a very good book in a wonderful series and one I highly recommend

Good Reads


The book was paced well, the characters were believable and the ending inevitable, given what went before. I really enjoyed this book.

Euro Crime


All the characters are well-drawn and the tension is maintained throughout… With many surprises along the way, this is an excellent mystery and highly recommended.

Mystery Women

Cradle to Grave

The sixth novel in the DI Marjory Fleming series

cover - Cradle to Grave

Accused of murdering the baby in her care, seemingly cold and measured nanny Lisa Stewart maintains her innocence.  But when she changes her name and tries to run away, the terrifying threats always find her.  Is she an innocent victim of public anger?  Or a calculating murderer on the run?   Can DI Fleming, dogged by her own past, uncover the truth?

Hodder & Stoughton hb 2010    ISBN 978 0340 976975

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A welcome return for Templeton’s tough but tender DI, Marjory ‘Big Marge’ Fleming… The vivid characterisation, excellent description and a horribly looming sense of inevitability make Cradle to Grave a riveting read.

Laura Wilson, Guardian


Templeton can always be relied on to provide a well-written, cleverly-plotted, old-fashioned whodunit.

Marcel Berlins, The Times


A satisfying story with a well-balanced combination of human and criminal problems.

Jessica Mann, Literary Review.


Aline Templeton has created a classic whodunit which could easily have been penned by the queen of crime herself, Agatha Christie….  This is an intelligent, character-driven novel, skilfully plotted and well-paced from its leisurely start to its moving and unexpected climax.

Peterborough Evening Telegraph.’

Death is my Neighbour


Hale, 1980,   Out of Print

An old woman, violently dead – the shockwaves of the event shatter the smug tranquillity of Melbourne Place as it dreams contentedly through the languid days of the long, hot summer,

For Anne Talbot, defiantly absorbed in her children and wilfully deaf to the world outside, it is a harsh awakening.  The shabby dealer who has been haunting the neighbourhood may be an obvious suspect, but acquaintances, neighbours and friends all become entangled in the sticky web of suspicion and distrust.

Anne finds herself having to face painful truths about herself and her marriage, while fear becomes her closest neighbour, until it invades even the safe haven of her home in a final, horrifying perversion of her most cherished values.

Last Act of All

Constable then Hodder & Stoughton, 1995,  ISBN 0-340-68269-8

The village of Radnesfield – ugly, remote and inbred – lurked in the heart of Fen Country, by-passed for centuries, keeping itself to itself and nursing its ancient secrets.  So it was with deep unease that its inhabitants discovered that the big house and its land, owned by the Radleys as far back as anyone could remember, had been sold to Neville Fielding, television soap star and anti-hero.  But for all their dark suspicions, no one anticipated the storm that would demolish their twilight world.

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Past Praying For

Constable then Hodder & Stoughton, 1996, ISBN 0340-68270-1

They are well-heeled, comfortable and complacent – or so thinks the newly-Reverend Margaret Moon, disgusted by the materialistic lifestyle of her Thames Valley parishioners.  It is only when her brother, a forensic psychologist, comes to stay that she becomes aware of the uneasy currents and tensions which pervade village society.

Someone is concealing a childhood trauma so severe that it has fractured her personality.  But who is it?

When the poison pen letters start and arson leads to death, Margaret finds herself drawn to the heart of the problem.  But even her brother’s professional skills may not be enough to discover the answer before more lives are lost…

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The Trumpet Shall Sound

Constable then Hodder & Stoughton,  1997,  ISBN 0-340-70808-5

Eden Harrington, conductor, impresario, and founder of the Harrington Music Festival, is dead.  So is Dominic Leigh, the gifted, wayward trumpet-player – only no one seems to want to talk about that, whereas Eden’s daughter Anna, obsessive about her late father, is determined to keep his memory alive.

When Anna announces that she is prepared to sacrifice everything to keep the failing festival going, including the career of Adam Beaumont, the brilliant young conductor who has succeeded her father, there is no shortage of people who have a vested interest in stopping her.  Then she is found shot and Adam is arrested for her murder.

Penny Beaumont is desperate to prove her husband’s innocence, but has her admiration for his genius blinded her to other, darker sides of his complex character?  Penny finds herself haunted by the ghosts of her past – even Detective Sergeant Diane Braithwaite has held a grudge against her since their childhood.  And when John Dauncey,  a pianist with a world-wide reputation, arrives for his concert in the middle of the investigation, he too finds that past events are casting a long shadow.

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Night and Silence

Hodder & Stoughton, 1999, ISBN 0-340-75057-X

Large print: Ulverscroft, ISBN 0-7089-4341-1
CD and cassette: Oakhill, ISBN 978-1-8468-247-2

The rural idyll of life in a remote Welsh valley has turned sour for the Cordiners.  For David, life in the local police force is deathly dull after the exhilaration of the Met.  For artist Tessa, the
local community is a daily torment.

Then a young nurse is found dead at a nearby beauty-spot, her corpse strewn with wild flowers in some sick and sinister private ceremony.

Caught up in the challenge of a murder investigation, David misses the signs that danger is stalking his wife in their secluded cottage.  Imprisoned by fear and isolation, Tessa’s efforts to escape her situation expose her to even more deadly danger, for the roots of the tragedy stretch far back into the past…

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Shades of Death

Hodder & Stoughton, 2001, ISBN 0-340-79429-1
CD and cassette: Oakhill,  ISBN 978-1-84648-362-2

Deep in a Derbyshire cave, the skeleton of an eleven-year-old girl has lain undisturbed for eighteen years.  Its discovery brings to light the half-forgotten and horrifying rituals performed by a group of children in their chilling ‘Egyptian game.’

But the game is by no means over.  Technology adds a new dimension to the sinister manipulation practised by the group’s former leader, and primitive fear returns to haunt his former acolytes,

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