Blind Eye

DCI Kelso Strang has already been led to believe that something very odd is going on around the prosperous fishing village of Tarleton in Southeast Scotland when the Serious Rural Crime Squad is called in to investigate the ugly murder of a young organic farmer. But he is quite unprepared and struggles when he is struck by the worst tragedy of his career; through a chance encounter with a young advocate, Catriona Fleming, he finds the support he needs from her mother, the retired DI Marjory Fleming, who has been through it all before.

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  1. Hi Aline,

    I’m so excited to read your latest book! Congratulations! I do miss our little chats on twitter and I hope you have been happy and healthy. I’ve been quite busy with my work in the archives and spoiling my grandson. I’ve decided to retire in April 2026 and move to Edmonton, Alberta to be closer to him. I am also still hoping to go to Australia next year to visit my daughter who teaches at the University of Melbourne, and who also loves your books!

    With much affection,

    Mary Grace Kosta

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